Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day

Another great Christmas with nearly all the family here. As per our years old tradition, we are having our big dinner tonight. So turkey is in the oven & most of the veg are done or ready to go.
On the creative side, the only things that have been completed were the 2 ornaments for my daughters. This tradition of a handmade ornament from Mum started 11 years ago, and it nearly became a 10 year only one. I think it was plan C that ended up as the final one - mostly because it was Christmas Eve. I used old Christmas paper torn into small pieces & glued them onto a piece of watercolor paper with matte medium. I then used some Quinacridone Nickrl Azo Gold + Titan Buff to cover more of the background. Then added tissue paper with Candy canes and used watercolor pencils on the creases. The reverse side had been painted roughly with Iridescent Bright Gold. When all was dry, I cut out 2 four inch squares. In the meantime I put matte on both sides of Christmas paper just for a little body. Then I cut the paper into narrow strips, cut openings in the squares and woven in the strips. When finished, another coat of matte. Then cut a bird shape from the woven piece. Not my 1st choice, but the girls loved it.